telecom expense management

Believe it or not, Telecom is the biggest slice of the IT Budget Pie.

According to Gartner, Communication Services account for 43% of the Global IT Budget. That’s 50% larger then IT services, twice the size of devices, 4 times as much as enterprise software, and over 10 times as much as data centers!

Telecom overspending is rampant. We’ve seen businesses spend up to 15% more than necessary on telecom costs, and up to 75% on staff — not to mention the frustration that comes with the territory. With telecom accounting for nearly half of your IT dollar, managing these expenses represents your best opportunity to find efficiencies and savings.

In addition to overspending, The greater challenge is having complete visibility into your entire global network infrastructure. If you don’t know what your network inventory is, then you cannot accurately manage to spend or take full advantage of the benefits of technology to drive business transforming initiatives.

Mobile Devices have never been more prevalent or relevant in todays marketplace

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As the largest part of your IT budget and a key part of your business, you need to manage your enterprise telecom, both wireline and mobile. The problem is that while most IT departments are ready to manage traditional desktop, laptop, and server systems, they either don’t have the miscarry skills or bandwidth to manage telecom systems. 

With our robust platform, you can harness the power of a suite of applications that integrates across telecom platforms and processes, performing hundreds of telecom management tasks, from procurement and inventory management, to employee policy compliance and service desks, to telecom plan optimization and expense management.


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