Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

As the global workforce is rapidly adapting the use of mobile devices on a widespread scale, IT is now facing a new set of challenges: a process for managing the unique needs of mobile devices in the enterprise and controlling the expenses associated with corporate-liable devices.

Automation of complex tasks: automates hundreds of complex management processes so that IT Departments can manage mobility with ease and efficiency.


Cost optimization: real-time expense management, followed by vendor remediation to ensure service provider costs are optimized and overages/international roaming is minimized to the greatest extent possible.


Unlimited flexibility: Customers can select any or all of the applications in order to meet their unique telecom issues, whether it’s cost reduction, BYOD, mobile security management, or centralization and self-service for ordering.


Integration WITH THIRD-PARTY APPLICATIONS: integrates seamlessly with third-party applications like SAP Afaria , ITSM platforms like Remedy, MDM’s, and Travel software platforms. Over 400 API’s.

Want to Measure the Value Your Organization Can Realize From a Managed Mobility Solution?

Take our Complimentary Assessment today!

CMS360 can conduct a mobility assessment so you have a clear picture of conditions within your mobility environment that are driving potential inefficiencies and wasted spend.

A mobility assessment is a methodology in which a combination of a robust toolset and powerful analytics are used to run a series of “checks” on corporate wireless data. Upon completion, an organization will gain unprecedented views into their mobility environment, as well as steps to take for immediately reclaiming a hard dollar ROI.

Most businesses are spending 15% or more on wireless than necessary. A mobility assessment will determine if your organization is one of them by looking at:

  • Pooling plans
  • Messaging plans
  • Zero-use devices
  • Carrier disputes
  • International roaming
  • Third-party ringtones

Gain efficiencies. In addition to a savings report, you’ll receive a complete view of your entire mobility environment, with a set of recommendations on how to more effectively manage your mobility practice.


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